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At Quarrix Building Products, our company is committed to providing roofing products that perfectly balance design with environmentally friendly, sustainable materials.

There's a growing trend to move towards green roofing products. Composite roofing has the classic, timeless look of clay roofing tiles, and is an eco-friendly, sustainable & easy-to-install, and long-lasting alternative to traditional roofing shingles. Our ridge vent technology and is essential to acheiving a balanced ventilation system.

Quarrix Building Products offers the right solution to any building project with four key benefits:

  • Ease of Installation – Quarrix Building Products are designed with roofing installation in mind.
  • Certified Performance – Quarrix Building Products are tested and certified to meet the requirements of ICC-ES, Miami Dade, TDI and UL certifications.
  • Attractive Appearance – Our quality roofing materials offer the appearance of traditional roofing products while also offering the long-lasting appeal of modern composite.
  • Green & Sustainable – At Quarrix we are always looking for new ways to make our manufacturing processes more efficient and more sustainable