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 "Complete Flashing System for New & Existing Plumbing Pipes from Lifetime Tool"

The Ultimate Pipe Flashing® for the Life of your Roof!
Lifetime Tool® & Building Products LLC’s Ultimate Pipe Flashing® employs a break-through design with a proprietary sealing method for plumbing vent pipes and other roof penetrations. The Ultimate Pipe Flashing® is a true solution to the well documented failures of products currently available on the market and has undergone exhaustive ASTM testing.

The Easysleeve®

Although the Ultimate Pipe Flashing® is designed for PVC, ABS and IP, the all new line of black PVC EasySleeves® with integral cap makes installation a snap for cast iron, copper and other pipes with irregular surfaces.

Most recently, at the International Roofing Expo (IRE), Lifetime Tool recieved 1st place in the most sustainable product category for their marine grade Stainless Steel Pipe Flashing. Congrats to the Lifetime Tool team!

For more info regarding the award follow this link:

2017 IRE Sustainable award